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Vihita Chem doesn’t fall in the clause of Corporate Social Responsibility, however inheriting the philanthropic values from its founder, the company finds its pleasure in serving the society in whichever way possible. Company regularly takes rooted steps for Society welfare and environmental protection in several forms.

From promoting tree plantations to providing tree guards company actively contributes in enhancing the natural wealth around, considering it as its humble duty.

Valuing the significance of education, company supports student education by contributing in several schools and colleges.

Vihita Chem enthusiastically participates in Sports events, and regularly takes part in cricket tournaments considering it as energy booster and growth amplifier for employee’s lives. Vihita Chem has earned immense respect and love from all, being the motherly landscape for its employees by providing free meals and serving other needs as far as possible.

Commitment towards evolving as a strength to the nation by serving for public welfare and strengthening overall economy through superior service remains all time priority for the Company.