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Vihita Chem

Vihita Chem Private Limited, a two and half decade old quality believer company is a leading developer, manufacturer and exporter of Intermediates of API's, Pharmaceuticals raw materials ,Fragrance intermediates, Specialty Chemicals & other Customized Products. Situated in Asia's largest chemical industrial estate, Ankleshwar. Vihita Chem began its operations as a small scale unit in 1990.

Since then, it has grown into a team of 175 people with more than 75 product offerings. A dedicated R&D team along with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities has helped to evolve into one of India's fastest developing enterprises. Today, the diversified portfolio of clients include fast growing industries like Drugs and Pharmaceuticals, Flavours and Fragrances, Bio-chemicals, Customized Manufacturers and other unorganized segments.



Chemistry is the cornerstone of our business. Innovation and a strong chemistry foundation enable us to develop leading market positions and create value-added products of the future. .

At Vihita, we are dedicated in providing products and services that consistently meet or exceed the requirements of our customers all over the world. Our geographic diversity, technical expertise, flexible low-cost manufacturing base and experienced management team facilitate us to maintain leading market positions in the areas of the chemical industry in which we specialize. We export to all major countries in Asia, Europe and few more, and have a fast growing presence in these markets.

Through continued focus on quality, innovation and technology we aspire to be reliable partners for chemical manufacturing needs across the globe.

Mission &


Our Mission

We shall strive to be a value based organization seeking professional excellence in all our products, processes and services and will contribute towards building a self-sustaining society.

We, the members of Vihita family, commit ourselves to revere Environment, Health and Safety principles, uphold the dignity of human beings, nurture team spirit and foster leadership through empowerment.

Our Vision
Our Vision

These are the qualities which drive us. Vision for us is not just about what we plan to do but rather it encompasses what we are doing in the present and how that will shape the future.

Our vision is to be a globally recognized solution provider with excellence in quality. Customer delight and human service have been and remains our main focus. We are committed to doing business ethically and with transparency in communication.

Board of


Mr. Vital Patel, CEO & MD
Mr. M. M. Patel

“It is a company of everyone who works with us. Our ultimate motto is to make this business entity so strong that it assures to fulfill its social responsibilities to the best possible extent for a longer time. This in turn will directly or indirectly help to build a healthy world. The entire credit will stand with the group that works with our business entity, Let us be completely prepared at every single moment to see our dreams shape up into reality.
Good Luck to all. “

Associated with Vihita for a long period of time and has been pioneer in bringing technological upgradation in the company. With a chemical engineering background, he provides a strong technical foundation to the company. He handles all business development activities and his dynamism helps Vihita to conquer new horizons. His love for technology has been a key factor in transforming the company into a hub of most modern facilities.

Mr. Mitesh Patel, Executive President r
Mr. Vital Patel
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Dr. Bipin Shah, Chief Scientific Officer
Mrs. Savitaben Patel

She is involved in the welfare activities and is even engaged in ensuring overall harmony of the company.

Being from medical background she takes interest in healthy work culture and hygiene factors.

Mr. J. G. Patel, Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Neelam Patel
Executive Director

Dr. Bipin Shah, Chief Scientific Officer
Ms. Tejal Patel
Executive Director

Connected with the management co-ordination.


1990 - Shri M. M. Patel established Vihita Chem Pvt. Ltd.

1992 - Operations commenced

1995 - First export executed

1999 - First Participation in CPHI at Frankfurt, Germany

2000 - Exhibited for the first time in CPHI at Milan, Italy
- Started In-house Research and Development Department

2001 - Second facility set up to manufacture Specialty chemicals

2004 - Shri M. M. Patel gets "Outstanding Techno Entrepreneur" Award

2007 - Acquired the facility of Unit-2


2014 - New Corporate office Establishment
- Started Independent Quality Assurance Department

2015 - Patent Registration Info
- Mumbai Corporate Premises Acquirement

2016 - Initiated building Company’s 1st EU-GMP Facility in Unit-2
- Acquired new land in Jhagadia Estate for creating Unit-3

Awards &