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Being well experienced as a Manufacturer and Exporter of Pharmaceutical API,API’s Intermediates, Vihita Chem now facilitates manufacturing of broad range products and exports worldwide. Maintaining Quality standards with high tech working conditions is our main priority of the company and it has earned prestigious awards too. Regular inspections for factors such as hygiene, safety, technical soundness are performed and evaluated respectively by the assigned regulatory authorities & customers. With multiple manufacturing facilities, company has widened its horizon for offering potential products. Research and Development drives the future of the company, and adds to the efficiency level. Our team is dedicated for delivering finest experience to the clients ensuring the transparency, reliability, accountability and Quality for what we offer & as per customer requirement.
A new development with the cGMP plant as per international standards for manufacturing API’s has got listed in the fresh attainments of the company and the company stays focused to advance with higher magnitude ahead.


Vihita Chem has emerged as a leading manufacturer of API,intermediates of API's,Fragrance intermediates, Specialty Chemicals & other Customized Products after putting in tremendous hard work in this highly competitive world. The company has constantly invested to augment the manufacturing capacity to gratify the increasing demand of its products.

Started with a single plant at Ankleshwar, Vihita Chem now has three manufacturing facilities with two units under its belt. The company leads the chart of the highest purity manufacturer of Guanidine Nitrate, truly possible due to the highly talented team of people with technical expertise. Vihita Chem is a leading manufacturer in India that is successfully expanding year after year leaving its presence in European markets and China as well.


Founded in 1990 with a single product Guanidine Nitrate, Vihita Chem has now emerged as one of the leading players in the API & intermediates of API's sector. Currently, the company includes three facilities with modern equipped plants divided in two separate functional units.

Initially, Vihita Chem started off as a single unit. However, considering the demand and development, it acquired the facility of Pankaj Organics, which ultimately became the second unit of Vihita Chem. Unit-1 has two plants while Unit-2 has a single plant till date, both situated in Ankleshwar GIDC. Our existing facilities are capable of catering wide array of products with an aspiration to achieve more in near future.

Vihita Chem acquired land in Dahej & Jhagadia Industrial estate for upcoming 3rd and 4th unit.


A keen understanding of customer needs helps us to deliver just as expected and thus distinguishes Vihita from other chemical manufacturing companies. With the prime focus being customer satisfaction, we make continuous efforts to offer solutions that give an added advantage to the customer. Our endeavor to walk an extra mile by providing our customers with alternate solutions, customized products and flexible packaging has enabled us to expand our business horizons and build lasting relationships with clients through the years.

Our full fledged manufacturing plants support customized manufacturing of medium and large quantities depending on customer's requirements. Innovative product development is essential for our sustained growth. Hence, we always strive to improve the speed of marketing of our products as well as the value of our product to customers.

We are focused on developing application related derivatives of existing products as well as new product solutions. We wish to continue pioneering the emerging technologies that shall enable us to offer value-added products in the future.


The company manufactures solid and liquid products that are packed as per the requirements of UN approved export worthy packages.

Today, the company has an ability to pack its products from small packs of 25 Kgs to Jumbo packs. The company has an in-house facility to fill the containers. The stuffing of Jumbo Packs is handled with the help of a fork lift..

Packing activity carried out in controlled powder processing area with contamination free product as per cGMP.

The specialty solid products are normally packed in UN approved HDPE wide-mouth drums with double inner plastic liners food grade. Liquid products are normally packed in UN approved HDPE container also some products are packed in inert atmosphere(Nitrogen blanket) as per product’s chemical properties.

Wooden palletizing and crates are provided as per the customer's requirements.


Qualifying the international standards Vihita Chem has well explored the global market with potential overseas business. With increasing product portfolio, commitment towards quality and constant development, Vihita Chem is relishing its global identity as a reliable exporter and manufacturer and company is heading towards more enriching business prospects for the future.


Vihita firmly believes in fostering Mother Nature. At both the campuses, there are lush green gardens with a temple of Lord Shivji. Also, there are teams appointed especially for the maintenance and development of the gardens. The love for nature is not restricted only to the premises of the company, but also constant efforts are put in order to develop and maintain the neighbouring sites too.

Being an ISO 9001:2015, 14001:2015 & 45001:2018 certified company. Vihita Chem complies with all the legal norms and continuously strives to be better than the best. The R&D team constantly works towards adapting the latest technology and practice the concept of Clean Technology at the campus.

Vihita Chem awarded for “The Environment Impact Initiative” by healthcare in 2019.